Here And Now…


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As we are in 2014..

L to R:-  Brian Cook- Bill Philpot- Meryl Philpot- Monica Jobson- Pamela Cook- Bill Jobson.

At The Goat pub, in the village of Codicotte.


Barnet Combs, early 60s.


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This ‘car’ was dumped in the car park, so I thought it would make a good photograph, (and it did).

L to R- Ernie Biggs- Les Eldridge- Brian Cook- Redge Waterman-Len Jacobs.

Bill Jobson took the photo.
Part of The Welwyn Garden shredded wheat company can be seen in the far background.

Holpacks, Late 60s…


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Holpacks V Glemsford, away game.

Frank Jakes – David ?- Jimmy ?- Frank Olding- Ernie Biggs – Les Eldridge- ?- ?- Brian ?  ?-  Brian Cook.
Not being a footballer, I only played to make up the numbers. At the start of the game there was a ‘tussle’ in the Glemsford goal. I kicked the ball in and didn’t realize it (in the first four minutes).

Lunch Time Break…


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L to R :-  Stan Hullet – Redge- Norman Emms- Fred Braybrook- Charlie Young – Stan ?- Len Jacobs- black man ?- ?- Sid Martin- Bill Jobson- ?- Ted Chapman- Jim Nash- Derick Scaden- Bill Philpot- Ray-Ernie Biggs.
Gordon Culver.
Stan Hullet:- press ion  grinder.
Redge:- tool-maker
Norman Emms:- pattern maker.
Fred Braybrook :- charge hand/ turner/ toolmaker.
Charlie Young:- inspector.

Tom  :- toolmaker.
Len Jacobs :- toolmaker—–travelled from the Angel, Islington,London.
Black man- see below.
Sid Martin:- toolmaker—- travelled from Enfield, London.
Bill Jobson :- toolmaker— travelled from Greenwich, London.
? :- toolmaker.
Ted Chapman:- miller.
Jim Nash:- toolmaker.
Derick Scaden.:- toolmaker.
Bill Philpot:- toolmaker.
Ernie Biggs:- toolmaker.
Gordon Culver:- turner.
Blackman:- he came over from South Africa. His boss in S. A. sent him over to learn a bit about toolmaking. The boss thought British toolmakers were/are the finest in the world; this was in the early 60s.
Then of course there was the Foreman Ron Atkins.
Toolmakers were expected to know how to use all tool room machines, also hardening processes.
A great bunch of chaps.